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Композиция: Mountains Made Of Steam

Исполнитель: A Silver Mt. Zion

Длительность: 09:28

Просмотрено: 430

Добавлен mp3: 2016-10-19


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Текст песни:

This was our stormy ending
Water sank our boats
Shouldn't we oh shouldn't we
Throw our hopes into the ocean
The ocean
The warm grey sea

Tell me or
Kick me or
Hold me or
Please believe

This is their busted future
And this is our dream
Which one do you
Believe in, believe in, believe in, believe in
Together together together together
Never to retreat
Mystery and wonder
Messy hearts made of thunder

Somewhere there's a soldier
Sleeping in a field
Somewhere there's a mother a mother
a mother a mother a mother a mother

Please believe in gentle dreams
The sweetness of people
Whistling in their sleep

The angels in your palm
Sing gentle worried songs
And the sweetness of our dreams
Like mountains made of steam

Клип A Silver Mt. Zion - Mountains Made of Steam

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