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Композиция: Caspian Sea

Исполнитель: Brazzaville

Длительность: 03:36

Просмотрено: 313

Добавлен mp3: 2017-02-13


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Текст песни:

Along the shores
Of the Caspian Sea
I worked a job
For the oil industry
A Texas boy
So far away from home
Can really make you feel alone

Along the shores
Of the Caspian Sea
I met a girl
Her name was ecstasy
Her eyes were dark
But they shone so bright
We took a walk
Along the strand one night

Where have you gone?
It's so hard
To face Baku alone
I know
We were never meant to be
But Gulnar
You're the girl for me

She spoke of God
And of her Muslim ways
She liked to pray
At least 5 times a day
Worked in a shop
No time to go to school
Saving her cash
To move to Istanbul

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