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Композиция: When I Die

Исполнитель: La Coka Nostra

Длительность: 03:46

Просмотрено: 585

Добавлен mp3: 2015-06-14


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Текст песни:

Verse 1

You motherfuckers will respect me and stop shitting where you eat
I play nice unless you wanna take me to the street
I’m a simple dude and I speak in layman’s terms
So you dumb motherfuckers can understand the words
My whole demeanor is to pull out the nina nine milli
Act silly and crack domes like Phillies
I stay in the streets, born in the gutter
I come from nothing, looking for something motherfucker
I spit hard, it resembles my life
It reminds me of how I left my kids and my ex-wife
While I was roaming the streets holding the heat
With no sleep, no cheese, know what I need
Probably God so I went and saw my priest
He told me to come back and died the next week
Please Lord help me to reap what I sow
Just give me the word, God cause I’m ready to go

Chorus x 2

When I die will you take me way up to the sky?
When I die will you take me down where the devil lies?
When I die will you take me up where the angels fly?
When I die or will you meet me with a halo of flies?

Verse 2

My whole life has been non fiction and I live in a house of pain
Stuck in a cage, you’re not listening
When will I ever achieve the goals set by those
That expect to live off of my flows?
I got cousins that don’t recognise me
So make your bed and live in it, it don’t surprise me
On some, “Left, it’s me.” shit
Oh yeah? Well where were you in ‘89 when I buried my father you fucking bitch?
Family’s only there when the going is good
When it’s bad you’re on your own to grow up in the hood
The outcast looked at as one bad apple
Till there’s beef then all these motherfuckers get at you
Well peep game I came up with moms in a dope crib
And tried to forget the fucking way that I lived
I tried to always do it right by my kids
And that’s the way that God planned it, I’ll give it to him

Chorus x 4

Verse 3

Dear Lord, I can’t explain all the things that I do
Just know that every single word in this song is true
It’s about time I step up and be a fucking man
I got lost along the way and didn’t follow the plan
Please take me as I am, I stood on my own two
And thank you for my girl, God, I know that I owe you
I been trained to murder people, kill at will
I’ve sinned, mortared soldiers in a Vietnam villa
But still you hold me close, right by your heart
And I pray that you remember me when Armageddon starts

Chorus x 2

Клип La Coka Nostra Family, BIG LEFT-"When I Die"- Worl

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