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Композиция: Moonchild (soundtrack из т/п Top Gear)

Исполнитель: M83

Длительность: 04:38

Просмотрено: 363

Добавлен mp3: 2014-11-29


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Текст песни:

they say I made the moon
everything was in the dark
no memories at all
just a tiny freezing wind in my back
as I was sitting there
singing a song they had never heard before
suddenly, a voice told me
keep on singing little boy
and raise your arms in the big black sky
raise your arms the highest you can
so the whole universe will glow

my first vision was a bush growing down the river
and I couldn't stop crying
something was missing
I realized I was in love with a voice
I called it, again, and again
but all I heard was the echo in the light

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