моден токинг My Bed Is Too Big - моден токинг

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Композиция: My Bed Is Too Big

Исполнитель: моден токинг

Длительность: 03:16

Просмотрено: 355

Добавлен mp3: 2015-07-01


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Текст песни:

I dont call it love
Come take me in your heart
Oh, I cant get enough
I know we will never part
We are nightbirds my baby
Nightbirds will never stop
Oh, youre playing with fire
Lost in my desire
Baby, youre so hot

My bed is too big
Too big without you, baby
I wanna have your body
Come gimme what youve got
My bed is too big
Too big without you, lady
I wanna have no heartache
Come hit me with your shot

In a world of stone
Lovell never been the same
I hate to be alone - tired of playing games
You like cochtails at midnight
Diamonds and silver a lot
Youre a woman behind me
Oh, set my heart free
Baby, youre so hot

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