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Композиция: Когда я вижу тебя

Исполнитель: Шакра

Длительность: 03:58

Просмотрено: 466

Добавлен mp3: 2015-07-07


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Текст песни:

When it comes to love
Sometimes it can be tough
But somehow we got
Never quite enough

I know I can rely on you
You can rely on me
So our journey can go on
I really feel we can't go wrong

When I see you
I just wanna hold you
I want you to know that
I really care
When I feel your
Heart beat while I hold you
I will do the best to
Be your loving man

I don't need too much
To get myself through life
Music and love is what
Makes me feel alive

I sacrifice to find a way
How I can make your day
For my love for you is real
That’s why I tell you how I feel

I will be there to catch your fall
When you really need me
When the weight of the world is on your shoulders
I will be there to share with you
Moments to remember
Moments we can hold on to last forever

Клип Shakira 'Ojos asi' Live in Kiev. Шакира Подобные глаза

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